Daines Campaign Releases New Web Ad: “The Appointed One”

Ad highlights the events surrounding the Walsh appointment

BOZEMAN, Mont. — After just one month in Washington, John Walsh has quickly settled in as one of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s most loyal followers in the Senate. Meanwhile, Montanans continue to be misled about the backroom deals that led to Walsh being handpicked as Montana’s appointed Senator in the first place.

Today, the Steve Daines for Montana campaign released a new web video highlighting the backroom deals and deception surrounding John Walsh’s appointment and revealing how Walsh has quickly embraced his new role as a Washington insider.

“John Walsh can continue to deny the truth, but Montanans know that his appointment was a politically-motivated, backroom deal that put Washington interests first,” stated Daines spokesman Brock Lowrance. “It makes sense that Walsh has no problem with the hypocrisy and deliberate lack of transparency in events surrounding his appointment—after all, being in Washington has allowed Walsh the opportunity to better serve Harry Reid and court Washington lobbyists and special interest groups. John Walsh may have embraced the Big Sky Buy Off—but Montanans haven’t.”

The full ad may be viewed here.

The video outlines how newly released documents reveal that Walsh was secretly “handpicked” as Montana’s Senator nearly two weeks before Walsh’s appointment was announced— a process Walsh defended just yesterday and actions that were condemned by several of Montana’s largest newspapers.

  • Billings Gazette: “Bullock’s secrecy on the process might be politics of the worst kind.”
  • Missoulian: “Gov. Steve Bullock should not have appointed his lieutenant governor, John Walsh, to the Senate seat vacated by Max Baucus last week. That he did so without even an attempt at transparency – without even the barest explanation of his reasoning to the people of Montana – is appalling.”
  • Helena Independent Record: “The refusal to comment publically about the process to replace Baucus only fuels speculation that it’s a decision already made.”

The ad also shows how since arriving in Washington, Walsh has quickly fallen in line with Harry Reid and liberal Washington insiders— taking money from Washington lobbyists and special interest groups, and voting to raise the debt ceiling on his very first full day in the Senate.

  • Roll Call: “The Washington legal community of lawyers and lobbyists have already had their hands out to Montana’s John Walsh to give him money, and soon to welcome him to the banks of the Potomac.”
  • Ravalli Republic: “As much as 60 percent of Sen. John Walsh’s initial campaign funds have come from two sources largely outside Montana, an analysis of his first finance report shows: out-of-state individuals and funds set up by fellow Democratic U.S. senators.”
  • Washington Times: “Montana Sen. John Walsh’s first full day on the job came as a crash course on the perils of incumbency. First, the newly sworn-in Democrat cast a vote Wednesday in favor of raising the debt ceiling, a move that’s sure to come back to haunt him.”





Steve Daines is a fifth generation Montanan, life-long sportsman and father of four serving the people of Montana in Congress. Steve is committed to always putting Montana first as he works to bring real change to Washington and fights for common sense solutions to get our country back on track. Learn More.

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