Daines calls on appointed Senator John Walsh to put Washington liberal special interests aside and stand with people of Montana against Obama’s war on middle class jobs and Montana energy

BILLINGS, Mont. – Representative Steve Daines today called on appointed Senator John Walsh to put liberal Washington special interest groups aside and join Daines and the people of Montana in fighting back against President Barack Obama’s latest job-killing energy regulations.

Daines was in Billings today to discuss the consequences that Obama’s new emissions rules would have on Montana’s coal industry and the thousands of jobs it supports, as well as the thousands of Montanans who rely on coal-fired energy for an affordable source of electricity.

While Steve Daines is fighting to stop President Obama’s destructive, anti-coal agenda, John Walsh continues to stand in strong support of extreme policies that will harm Montana’s coal workers and raise electricity prices for all Montanans.

When given the opportunity to stand against the EPA’s job-killing coal regulations, Walsh refused to join several of his Senate Democrat colleagues and sign onto a letter expressing “deep concerns” and asking President Obama to “reassess” these harmful regulations. Walsh has even gone so far as to support aggressive job-killing carbon emission standards that mirror Waxman-Markey and President Obama’s cap-and-trade proposals.

“President Obama’s war on middle class jobs is a direct threat to Montana energy, Montana union workers and Montana families—and it’s important that Montanans have a voice in Washington fighting to stop these job-killing regulations,” Daines stated today in Billings. “Unfortunately, appointed Senator John Walsh has been notably absent when opportunities arose to stop President Obama’s latest round of coal regulations and protect the thousands of Montana jobs that are at risk. Montanans deserve real leadership in the U.S. Senate that puts Montana jobs and Montana families first—not liberal Washington special interest groups.”

Following today’s meeting in Billings, Daines will continue onto Colstrip, where he will meet with union workers employed at the Colstrip Generating Station to discuss how Obama’s new restrictions on coal-fired energy will affect the plant and the jobs that rely on it.

The Colstrip plant is the largest employer in Colstrip and Rosebud County and is responsible for several thousand Montana jobs. It provides millions of dollars in revenues for local schools, county roads, and other public services in southeastern Montana.

Background on Walsh’s Failure to Stand Up Against Obama’s War on Coal

  • Walsh joined Senate Democrats to “block” a vote to prevent the EPA from implementing their harmful regulations on coal-fired plants.  (Great Falls Tribune, 05/07/2014)
  • Walsh refused to join several of his Senate Democrat colleagues and sign onto a letter expressing “deep concerns” and asking President Obama to “reassess” these harmful regulations.  (Senate Letter, 05/21/2014)
  • Walsh said, “Whatever rule EPA proposes under the Clean Air Act for existing power plants, Montana and other states must take the lead role in implementation.” (Senate Floor Speech, 05/22/2014)
  • Walsh called the EPA’s regulations “appropriate action” –disregarding its costly impact. (AP, 06/02/2014)

Walsh supports President Obama’s job-killing cap and trade measures

  • “We have to commit to cutting carbon pollution 20 percent by 2020 and up to 80 percent by 2050. We must set goals and hold ourselves accountable for meeting them.” (Helena Vigilante, 05/01/2014)

President Obama admitted cap and trade would cause electricity prices to “skyrocket” and “bankrupt” coal-fired power plants

  • President Obama said, “Under my plan … electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” (POLITICO, 04/05/2014)
  • And, “If somebody wants to build a coal-fired power plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them.” (POLITICO, 04/05/2014)

Walsh attended anti-coal rally, biggest supporters work to cripple Montana’s coal industry

  • Walsh attended an anti-coal rally in Billings organized by MEIC, an extreme environmental group committed to “working hard to prevent the development of new coal mines and stop the expansion of existing mines.” (MEIC)
  • Walsh was endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters, who “worked hard” to pass the Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade bill in the House. (LCV Press Release, 05/30/2014; LCV)



Steve Daines is a fifth generation Montanan, life-long sportsman and father of four serving the people of Montana in Congress. Steve is committed to always putting Montana first as he works to bring real change to Washington and fights for common sense solutions to get our country back on track. Learn More.

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