In First Debate, Daines’ Message of “More Jobs, Less Government” Stands Strong with Montana Voters

BOZEMAN, Mont. – Steve Daines’ positive message of “more jobs, less government” strongly resonated with Montanans at the first U.S. Senate debate of the 2014 election.

In Butte, Montana at a debate hosted today by the Montana Newspaper Association, Montanans clearly saw the difference in visions presented by candidates for Montana’s open Senate seat: more government and less jobs, or more jobs and less government.

“Today, Montanans saw the stark contrast between two visions for the future of our nation: one that offers more government and less jobs, and one that stands for more jobs and less government. The choice couldn’t be clearer: Montanans believe in Steve’s positive message and his work for more jobs, less government, and are ready to change the U.S. Senate,” stated Daines for Montana spokesman Brock Lowrance.

“Steve knows the challenges facing Montana and our country, but rather than offering the same failed policies that have given Washington more power over Montanans’ lives and driven our nation deep into debt, Steve offered positive solutions to grow our economy, stop government overreach into Montanans’ lives, and protect Montana’s heritage,” Lowrance continued. “Steve is focused on moving Montana forward, and will continue to share his positive message of more jobs, less government with the people of Montana.”

The U.S. Senate debate was held at 1:30PM MT today at the Montana Tech Library Auditorium in Butte.



Steve Daines is a fifth generation Montanan, life-long sportsman and father of four serving the people of Montana in Congress. Steve is committed to always putting Montana first as he works to bring real change to Washington and fights for common sense solutions to get our country back on track. Learn More.

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