Big Horn County News: Rep. Daines Visits Hardin on Tour

Senate candidate Steve Daines, currently in the House of Representatives, stopped by Oh’s Bakery in Hardin early Monday evening to speak to a crowd of about 30 Big Horn County residents on, as stated by his campaign signs, “more jobs, less government.” He is currently on a tour through 30 different communities, which he said should add about 4,000 miles on his car during the week leading up to Election Day on Nov. 4.

He hopes to become the first Republican candidate in over 100 years to be elected to Montana’s first Senate seat. This position has been held by Democratic candidates since 1913, the year voters from Rosebud and Yellowstone counties approved the formation of Big Horn County.

“With your help, we’re going to change history here in seven days,” he said as residents applauded. “Make sure you get out to vote, [as well as] your neighbors and your friends and your family members and others who are thinking ‘well, I don’t need to vote.’ This is a very, very important election and you all need to get out and vote.”

According to Daines, one of the important roles he envisions would be to approve federal judges, who are appointed for life.

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Steve Daines is a fifth generation Montanan, life-long sportsman and father of four serving the people of Montana in Congress. Steve is committed to always putting Montana first as he works to bring real change to Washington and fights for common sense solutions to get our country back on track. Learn More.

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